Hey Upshot Media, thanks for reading! My name is Brittany and I’m the editor for the Envato publication.

I think (or, hope) we’re actually in agreement here. I think that behind any good video is a good concept for that video — a spark of something interesting, or relatable, or surprising. It needs a story, good writing, and a compelling narrative.

I think the results of big media companies who are ‘pivoting to video’ without any regard for editorial strategy really underlines this point: the success of content isn’t determined by whether or not there’s a ‘play’ button involved. I liked this recent article from the Columbia Journalism Review about the ‘secret cost of pivoting to video’, which talks about how “publishers who pivoted to video have forfeited the majority of their hard-won native audiences in only a year of churning out undifferentiated, bland chunks of largely aggregated ‘snackable’ video”’ —these ‘snackable’ videos are certainly not what we’re advocating for.

Anyways, we certainly don’t mean to put forward the idea that the secret to creating videos is to throw together haphazard found footage together, without a plan or an overall editorial strategy. Just the opposite, really — I think the point we’d hoped to make in this article is that good videos can be made in many different ways, and to encourage our readers to think beyond the traditional format of videos. Much of that has to do with the existence of social media content, as well as starter video templates, etc. — which means that video creators don’t have to start from scratch. But, they *do* still need to create something that’s worth making (and watching)!

Kindness, creativity, curiosity // Editor of Better Marketing (bettermarketing.pub) // Richmond, VA

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