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No, really, tell us how much your paycheck is.

Dear Better Marketing readers,

A podcast I’m obsessed with is WNYC’s Death, Sex, & Money, where host Anna Sale interviews people about hard questions and things that we “should be talking about more” — namely death, sex, and money. I love her approach to (gently) pushing things out into the open, her way of steering conversations towards awkward or tough-to-discuss topics.

In the marketing industry, money is a taboo topic. (Death and sex, well, they’re sometimes more like sales tactics). …

Our five favorite stories this week

Here’s a roundup of five great stories from Better Marketing this week to up your marketing game. For headlines and news, check out our Marketing News in Brief for June 4th.

P.S., want to write for us? Here’s our Call for Submissions: June 2021.

Editorial ideas, columns, and new topics we’d like to publish articles about in Better Marketing this month

We’re always looking for story ideas and themes that will help our audience get better at marketing. We’ve published a few new columns, series, and writing challenges within the last few months, and it’s been fun to see how specific prompts generate such thoughtful, insightful stories from our writers.

In that spirit, here’s a list of the topics and series we’re most interested in exploring or continuing to highlight in June. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes look at our editorial ideas notebook — and an open invitation to get more creative and share your expertise, passions, or ideas.


The intimacy and ingenuity of sharing your work via Google Drive

Sharing a Google Doc with someone is an intimate experience.

When I hit “share” on a Google Doc, I’m usually sending something to a coworker or a friend — a proposal for a project, a draft of a cover letter for a job application, a planning document for an upcoming vacation. There’s something personal about sharing a document. They can “Add to Drive” and place the document you created in their own personal Google Drive library, or watch you type, edit, and change your work. It’s not something that we’re used to doing with strangers.

But lately, I’ve noticed more…

A lot of our daily decision-making revolves around food. What’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner? Where should I go grocery shopping? What should I feed my family? Where’s the best spot for takeout tonight? What app should I use to order it? What recipe will impress at a dinner party? How much can I spend on groceries this week? Should I be a vegetarian? Can I have a snack?

And when there’s decision-making, there’s marketing. So this week, we’re doing a special food and drink issue of the newsletter, highlighting some of the most interesting and insightful articles about this trillion-dollar…

On style guides, perfectionism, antiracism, and cohesive branding — our latest advice column question

Welcome to Better Marketing's advice column, Marketing Mailbag, where we help readers with everyday marketing questions.Need help with a marketing thing? Submit your question on this form.

Our newest advice column dives into a question from a nonprofit professional who got a request from their colleague about changing the font on her business cards:

“Is a cohesive brand based on white culture?”

Dear Marketing Mailbag,

Our communications manager (team of one) led a rebrand a couple of years ago with an agency. …

This week, we launched a new writing prompt to showcase innovative, creative, and compelling marketing campaigns.

Here are a few articles we published this week about #ReallyGoodMarketing!


Summersalt’s inclusive marketing campaign is helping to undo the damage caused by my mid-2000s Victoria’s Secret catalogs

Screenshot of Summersalt website shows diverse women in swimsuits.
Screenshot of Summersalt website shows diverse women in swimsuits.

Dear Summersalt marketing team,

Swimsuit shopping stresses me out. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way — especially after a pandemic year of, uh, maybe less exercise and a bit lower body confidence. I haven’t been excited about finding a swimsuit to wear this summer. But then I saw this tweet from Culture Study writer (and my imagined internet-friend) Anne Helen Peterson:

Tell us about a marketing campaign that delighted, surprised, or convinced you to make a purchase

When’s the last time you thought “wow, that’s a really good marketing campaign”? Tell us about it!

Marketing is best when it’s positive, unique, and surprising. I’ve written before about marketing moments of delight, partially inspired by poet Ross Gay’s Book of Delights, and I’m always collecting instances of really good marketing — a great email subject line, an Instagram post that made me laugh out loud, a product that I’m compelled to immediately purchase.

There’s an incredible amount of creativity, cleverness, and strangeness in the world of marketing, and it deserves to be celebrated. …

5 must-read new stories from Better Marketing this week

Dear Better Marketing readers,

Here’s our hand-picked selection of five great stories we published this week. We’ve also got our weekly marketing news roundup, a Marketing Mailbag question about being camera-shy, and more. Over on the Better Marketing Slack community, we’re discussing if a font can be racist, Twitter’s acquisition of Scroll, and whether Gary Vee is bad for the profession of social media.

Happy Friday!

Brittany Jezouit

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