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5 must-read new stories from Better Marketing this week

Dear Better Marketing readers,

Here’s our hand-picked selection of five great stories we published this week. We’ve also got our weekly marketing news roundup, a Marketing Mailbag question about being camera-shy, and more. Over on the Better Marketing Slack community, we’re discussing if a font can be racist, Twitter’s acquisition of Scroll, and whether Gary Vee is bad for the profession of social media.

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Better Marketing's advice column, Marketing Mailbag, where we help readers with everyday marketing questions.Need help with a marketing thing? Submit your question on this form.

“I hate being in front of a camera.”

Dear Marketing Mailbag,

I’m in charge of social media for my organization, and we’re thinking of starting a TikTok. The problem: I hate being in front of a camera. What should I do?

Advice from Kushaan Shah and Ellyse McCallum

Kushaan Shah, Growth Marketing Manager:

You’re in luck — TikTok has so many niche ways to build engagement and there are lots of ways to get traction for your organization without your face in front of the camera. Think about different subjects within your…

Dear Better Marketing readers,

A short and sweet newsletter this week — here are five insightful, useful stories we published recently, and why I think they’re worth reading. (The links below are Friend Links, so you can read/share them even if you’re not a Medium member.)

Happy Friday!

Dear Better Marketing readers,

You may have noticed we’ve updated our tagline. Here’s our new one:

“A publication by and for marketers.”

This refresh reflects our intention to support marketing professionals (and non-marketers who do marketing things) to do their best work, to learn, and to connect — whether that’s information on the latest trends in marketing technology or advice on interviewing for a senior marketing role. We’re not just covering big brands or advertising news; we publish practical, actionable, and helpful advice for anyone who wants to build their marketing skillset.

Welcome to Better Marketing's advice column, Marketing Mailbag, where we help readers with everyday marketing questions.Need help with a marketing thing? Submit your question on this form.

“Every time I try, I end up scrolling through Upwork and giving up.”

Dear Marketing Mailbag,

I’m interested in trying out freelance marketing, and maybe eventually becoming a full-time freelancer — but I have no idea where to start. I’m overwhelmed by the number of resources, freelancer marketplaces, tips, tests, competition! Every time I try, I end up scrolling through Upwork and giving up. How do I stop feeling so overwhelmed and actually start my freelance journey?


A Future Freelancer

Advice from Veronica Wood Querales and Emily Vasquez:

Veronica Wood Querales, freelance marketing consultant at Into The Woods Marketing

Good for you for…

Taking inspiration from YouTuber Safiya Nygaard

I love reading about ways that creators set boundaries and prioritize their own self-care. For a case study on how to do this well, check out YouTuber YouTuber Safiya Nygaard.

Writes Aimée Gramblin in YouTuber Safiya Nygaard Makes Bank While Marching To the Beat of Her Own Drum:

By living her life with good intentions for herself, Safiya sets the example of healthy boundaries and self-care. When she does come back in front of her audience, she’s ready to engage. She’s accessible and kind-hearted. That authenticity, vivacity, creativity, and drive all come through.

Check it out if you’re a creative…

Editorial note on career-related topics and stories we’re looking to publish more of

Hey y’all,

We might have noticed that we recently changed our publication tagline! Our new tagline **drumroll**:

A publication by and for marketers.

We made this change to emphasize our stance as a publication that’s written for people in marketing roles or doing marketing work, with articles written by people with real marketing knowledge and experience.

While we were defining our goals, we stumbled on a gap in our content: why don’t we publish more about what it’s like to pursue a career in marketing?

We have an incredible amount of resources on marketing tools, trends, success stories, weekly news…

In honor of Earth Day this week, we’re taking a closer look at sustainability in marketing and environmental cause-marketing campaigns. We’ve also got marketing news to know, tools, and cautionary tales against tricky masterclass marketing.

P.S., If you live on the Twitter portal, hi, so do we, hang out with us! We’re at @BttrMarketing. We’re awarding ten marketing Twitter points to anyone who knows where our new Twitter header image is from.

Budweiser and Sam Adams will give you a free beer each in exchange for your vaccine selfie

A Beer on Bud, A Shot for Sam

This month, Budweiser announced “A Beer on Bud”, a new campaign to reward vaccinated people with free beer. In exchange for proof of vaccine, they’re giving out 10,000 virtual debit cards with $5 — enough for a Budweiser or two.

In addition to creating the microsite, they also edited together a refreshed version of their classic Clydesdale-and-puppies commercial for the campaign:

When you’re done uploading your vaccine selfie to Budweiser’s website, you can jump on over to Sam Adams for, more or less, the exact same perk. …

You’ve heard of virtual reality (insert stock photo of a bulky VR headset here) but what about augmented reality (AR)?

Unlike VR, which is usually a fully immersive virtual world, AR blends the real and virtual world. And if you’re in marketing or communications, you might want to think about how your next strategy could incorporate AR.

Dr. Joachim Scholz is a marketing professor who teaches the world’s first dedicated AR marketing course. His first article in Better Marketing, Augmented Reality in a Post-COVID World: Think Outside the E-Commerce Box, explores the potential for AR as a tool for brand-building…

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