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The best of Better Marketing — August 6, 2021

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The Rise of Platform Brands

Writes Nick deWilde: “As the brand gains prestige through its public-facing employees, it can distribute the status back to its employees in the form of a virtuous cycle. This is the magic of a strong platform brand.”

How to Network Effectively on Clubhouse

Are we… still doing the Clubhouse thing? Pierre DeBois is!

Why Are Some Links So Long?

Saurabh Bhatia breaks…

Our “bye, boss!” starter package for “The Great Resignation”

Photo by Trinity Kubassek from Pexels

This week I listened to an episode from the NPR podcast It’s Been a Minute, where guest-host Ayesha Rascoe aired listener stories from this current moment — “the big quit”, “the great resignation” — the quit-your-job movement.

Are you also thinking of quitting your job? While we’re not saying that…

Industry news and the best reads from Better Marketing this week

In this issue: 
* Better Marketing Best of the Week
* Really good marketing inspiration
* Marketing industry news
* Optimizing SEO for voice search
* Acing a Product Hunt launch

What we highlighted on Better Marketing this week

“But as tempting as it is just to write whatever you want, you’ve also got to remember that you’re…

Industry news and the best reads from Better Marketing this week

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Dear Better Marketing readers,

This week we’re featuring a new section, Marketing Miscellany, with the best headlines, marketing product updates, and an interesting tweet or two.

Flash reader survey: Should we continue to include more content in our newsletter about marketing industry news and things to read outside of the…

The best reads from Better Marketing this week

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Hey Better Marketing fam,

Are you gearing up for summer campaigns and a back-to-the-office busy season, or slowing down a bit? Either way, here’s what we’re thinking about in the marketing world this week.

What should you read from Better Marketing today?

If you’re struggling with an SEO drop this year

Zero-click content searches on Google rose to 64.82% in 2020. J.R. Flaherty explains how Google siphons…

Editorial ideas, columns, and new topics we’d like to publish articles about in Better Marketing this month

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We’re always looking for story ideas and themes that will help our audience get better at marketing. We’ve published a few new columns, series, and writing challenges within the last few months, and it’s been fun to see how specific prompts generate such thoughtful, insightful stories from our writers.


The intimacy and ingenuity of sharing your work via Google Drive

Photo by Rajeshwar Bachu on Unsplash

Sharing a Google Doc with someone is an intimate experience.

When I hit “share” on a Google Doc, I’m usually sending something to a coworker or a friend — a proposal for a project, a draft of a cover letter for a job application, a planning document for an upcoming…

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