11 of my favorite writers on Medium right now

Photo by David Clode

Siobhan O'Connor, an editor at Medium, shared a list of ten of her favorite writers. It’s an excellent list, and it sounded fun to write one, so it inspired me to write a list of my own!

In no particular order, here are 11 writers that I’m reading everything from lately:

  1. Jessica Valenti. Okay, not exactly an under-the-radar pick, since her recent posts in GEN have been super popular, but that’s because everything she writes is just so dang good. (Also, here’s Harry Styles in a dress that’s just a dress).
  2. Kaki Okumura. Kaki’s writing makes me feel nostalgic for travel and Japanese breakfast and cookies, and the illustrations in her articles are detailed and beautiful!
  3. Ashleigh D. Jay. I might not exactly believe in astrology, but I end up reading these lovely horoscopes in ZORA and they make my week a little brighter every time.
  4. Sílvia Bastos. I’m on a 10-day streak of my first foray into meditation, and Sílvia’s archive of mindfulness-related articles — like this guide on how to make meditation a daily habit — have been so accessible and easy to follow. (Also, again, good illustrations).
  5. Ruth Matthews. She’s a 21-year-old writer, and I followed her after she pitched an article to us about Gen Z marketing tactics — I’m always excited to come across talented younger writers, especially ones who are writing about what they know. I’ve enjoyed reading her writing about other topics, like long-distance running.
  6. Jessica Jungton. She’s the co-founder of The Writing Cooperative, and as an editor myself, I’ve learned so much from their “Ask the Editors” series.
  7. May Pang. May’s writing for publications like P.S. I Love You might hit a little too close to home sometimes (like this one about not being ready to date) — but that feels like the sign of a good writer who knows how to connect with their readers.
  8. Ria Tagulinao. Ria is a marketer and a writer that pays attention. One of her most recent articles, about CNN’s business newsletter, is insightful, entertaining, and helpful for aspiring newsletter-writers.
  9. Maya Kosoff. She’s clever and funny and serious all at once. Please admire every sentence of her article, A Tale of Two Kinds of Media Workers. Her piece about brands and voter activism is something I wish I had written myself.
  10. Kyrie Gray. Humor writing is hard and Kyrie is excellent at it — my favorite is this one about spice blends, but I also laughed at her more recent holiday satire.
  11. Kat Morris. It seems like there’s been more poetry and non-traditional writing formats on Medium lately, and I am into it.

I’d love to expand my circle and find new writers to follow. Trying to break the echo-chamber a bit, and I know there are so many talented writers that I’m missing out on. If you have suggestions (or if you’re a writer yourself), please share!

Kindness, creativity, curiosity // Editor of Better Marketing (bettermarketing.pub) // Richmond, VA

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